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Foodvan for all The Hottest Food Caravan in Wimmera - Mallee

Creating my retro food van has taken just over 12 months. That time was spent researching food vans, then gutting and rebuilding from the tires up to the skylight. Plans were drawn, redrawn and then not followed any way. This has been a slow process for people who didn’t know much about caravans to begin with. While my husband Cookie was welding together benches on the inside, the kids and I were rubbing back the outside to get that fantastic shiny metal finish! This has been a family effort so far, and will continue to be. My husband and children are my inspiration, my motivation and my greatest critics! I love them dearly and couldn’t be where I am today without their support. My vision has come to a reality, now to get on with the cooking!

It's all about the food.

This simple statement sums up Gourmetsnotaflavour. In many ways, it also sums up my life. I have always had a passion for food and cooking; I can't imagine not being in the kitchen trying different cuisines and combinations!

Love of good food cooked simply.

This is my mantra when I’m in the kitchen. Why complicate things? Simple fresh food that is full of flavour is the best. I love reading recipes and collecting other people’s ideas, like my Aunty Sam’s authentic Indian curry.

Love using local family businesses.

In my hometown of Birchip we are blessed with the amazing award-winning Sharp's Bakery and the fantastic and adventurous Bourke's Butchery. Their products are top of the range, and produced with expertise and passion.


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